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May 24, 2018


I'm back! First of all, let me apologise for the significant delay in communication. I have been writing my first book (stay tuned) which is now complete and has been sent off for editing. Whilst writing 60-something-thousand words was an emotional roller coaster, I regret not making time to keep my blog up to date.


I started Woman on Top's #WomanOfTheWeek some time ago now, and so thought it sensible to pick it back up and get it running again. This week, I've chosen Megan Jayne Crabbe or, as you might know her, Body Posi Panda. 


You know I'm big on body positivity and self love, and this is a gal who's the equivalent to a founding father in Millennial bopo. Having made a huge name for herself on social media and through her book and various columns, she has since been hailed the Queen of Body Positive and the slayer of diet culture.

Megan is an eating disorder survivor. She battled anorexia for two years, starting when she was just 14. Ever since, she has channeled her voice and experience into helping others empower themselves and get through similar mental and physical health issues. 

What's so refreshing about Megan, is that she is completely inclusive and intersectional. She stands for all people (both men and women) of every shape and size, and promotes equality and the importance of finding comfort and love within yourself; regardless of how others may say you should look.


There is a huge chapter of my book dedicated to self love, and my journey to loving myself, and I don't doubt that I would be in the position I am now without Megan's Instagram page. When I'm confused or unsure how to respond to someone's comments or hate towards my particular stance, she literally always has the answers. She addresses depression and feminism and acts as a constant inspiration; honestly sharing both her good and bad days and making her completely relatable. She has even tackled trickier issues such as losing weight for your wedding and what to do when your friends talk about diets and now boasts a whopping 1million Instagram followers. 


There really is nothing more important than falling in love with yourself. And, Megan, I'm also a little bit in love with you. 


Follow BodyPosiPanda here -






And you can find her book, here!







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