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May 24, 2019

Guys, it’s been SO LONG since Woman on Top had a Woman of the Week. So, here’s something to ease you in to what I hope will be a beautiful and blissful bank holiday weekend.


I’m not selecting just one woman this week, and instead, womankind as a whole. We are under attack, whether or not you’re prepared to admit it, and we need to unite and fight for our sisters (and not just our cis-ters). Most recently, those in America and Northern Ireland. This past few weeks, there has been a considerable amount of news coverage speculating the newly passed laws in five American states: Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi. This ‘heartbeat bill’ varies slightly between states, but the end goal remains the same: to ban abortion after a foetal heartbeat is detected.



This can be as early as six weeks into pregnancy and is often before people even know they are pregnant. Alabama's ban is set to take effect in November and Georgia's law on January 1. The Kentucky bill was already blocked by a federal judge and the Ohio and Mississippi bans -- both set to take effect this summer -- are being challenged in court. But more plans are in the works, with Missouri lawmakers passing another restrictive abortion bill, clearly on their way to following suit with a proposed ‘heartbeat bill’. 11 other states: Florida, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia are still working through their legislative processes while traction has been halted in Texas, Maryland and Minnesota.


Whilst some states, such as Oregon (currently leading the way with a state law that makes abortion legal throughout pregnancy) have laws protection abortion, many others only permit this necessary medical procedure to 'protect the health and life as a woman'.



In the states where this bill is being passed, it is a terrifying time. The new law states that arrest and punishment should be implemented, even if the victim is travelling between states for her medical work (see Georgia's law). And lest we forget that certain states, like Texas, still carry the death penalty, realistically meaning that a person could face death for terminating her pregnancy. And, considering the ignorant, deeply unsettling and painful responses to what consensual sex actually is, and whether or not abortion should be allowed for people who have been raped, the current laws in these aforementioned states make abortion more punishable than the rape or sexual assault itself. It has also come to light that in Northern Carolina, women can’t legally revoke consent after sex begins.



There is an 11 year old girl in Ohio who is being forced to carry her rapist’s baby. An Alabama woman is facing a life sentence for killing a man who raped her. A man in Tennessee who raped his 14 year old daughter was found guilty but given a light sentence because he was a Pastor and the Judge admired the works of a ‘good Christian man’.


This isn’t about being ‘pro life’, this is about control. This is about men fighting for the right to treat people as property, and deny them of basic human rights. It’s fucking disgusting, so think about your sisters and the people of America and Northern Ireland and speak the fuck up. Make your voice heard, protest while you can and endeavour to strive for change. To all of my gorgeous followers and readers in America, keep your chin up and make sure you vote. For everyone’s future. We cannot and will not stand for this.




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